Check Out The 6 Essential Kitchen Cabinets You Need in Your Kitchens

Awesome KitchensBlog Check Out The 6 Essential Kitchen Cabinets You Need in Your Kitchens

Check Out The 6 Essential Kitchen Cabinets You Need in Your Kitchens

There is more to good kitchen storage than just lots of cabinets. The cabinets must be designed to maximize efficiency through strategic storage. To keep your cooking area operating at its best, prioritize ease of use and accessibility within your work zones and minimize the amount of movement required so you can concentrate on the things that really count tasty meals and quality time spent with loved ones.

Confused between different kitchen cabinets? We have got you covered! In this article, we will read about the different cabinets you need in your kitchen. So, without any delay, here we go! 

1. Trash pull out 

There is nothing that says “old kitchen”, like a trash can that is visible. If you are building a new kitchen or remodelling an existing one, you should include a hidden trash basket in your design. It is actually the first “must-have” cabinet that we include in every kitchen design. 

Ideally, we would include a double or two-bin trash unit, with one bin designated for recycling and the other for trash. Since most double units only occupy eighteen inches of area, they fit into most designs with relative ease. A single garbage can is a backup alternative if something smaller is required; it just needs 15 inches of room.

2. Super Susan 

Although not all kitchens have them, corners can be some of the best places to store items in the kitchen if they are used properly. As kitchen designers, we really just have one favourite corner cabinet—the Super Susan. Even blind corner cabinets cannot compare to the storage efficiency of a Super Susan. 

This is because it enables you to make the most of the available space in a corner. Super Susans are 90-degree corner kitchen cabinets with two separate shelves that hold a 360-degree rotating pie-cut carousel. Surprisingly, each shelf can accommodate a sizable amount of kitchenware, great for pots and pans, tiny appliances, and more. 

3. Drawer Storage 

You need look no farther than a drawer base for the most easily accessible cabinet with adaptable storage! Despite being more costly, stacked drawer cabinets greatly increase storage efficiency. Drawers come in two, three, and four-drawer stack designs, and they can contain nearly everything in your kitchen. 

Our preferred base stack has three drawers: one small drawer at the top and two larger drawers at the bottom. Drawers in any kitchen style—traditional, farmhouse, rustic, transitional, or contemporary—create beautiful, clean horizontal lines.

4. Roll-out Pantries 

Whenever someone is remodelling their kitchen, pantry renovations are frequently at the top of their wish list. And for good reason, too! Adding a pantry is equivalent to adding two or three more cabinets for storage. It provides storage for dry products, jars, cans, and more from floor to ceiling. It’s just astounding how much you can fit in such a tiny place.

A pantry that rolls out makes it easy to see every shelf in full. Having such extensive access can greatly ease daily living in the kitchen, particularly when organized according to category or necessity.

5. Tray Driver 

Tray dividers, often called vertical dividers, are great for keeping big, flat items like platters, cooling racks, cookie sheets, muffin pans, and cutting boards stored. We attempt to incorporate at least one of these low-cost, incredibly practical kitchen cabinets since they are everyday necessities that we all use.

Typically, they are positioned adjacent to the range and have a width of either 9″ or 12″. However, they can also be positioned in the higher sections of tall cabinets, such as the pantry, oven cabinet, or wall cabinet over the refrigerator.

6. Base Microwave 

The drawer microwave is a popular kitchen appliance these days. Cabinet manufacturers have responded to their popularity by providing basic microwave cabinets. This cabinet has a second drawer for storage in addition to storing your microwave beneath the tabletop. By doing this, your microwave is kept off the tabletop and largely hidden from view.

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Wrapping Up

Choosing your kitchen cabinet is an important step as it determines how your kitchen will look and function in the long run. This article features some popular kitchen cabinets that will add charm to the overall appeal. 

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