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High-end Designer Wardrobe?

Standard Cost-effective Wardrobe?

We got both!

Standard Wardrobe in white, hanging
Standard Wardrobe - L shape
Standard Wardrobe - U shape

Standard Wardrobe . L Shape . U Shape

Free Wardrobe Design and Quotation

Standard Produced Wardrobe

Awesome Kitchens offers a wide range of wardrobe closet designs featuring standardized components. This enables you to craft personalized wardrobes without the hefty price tag associated with custom-built options. Even better, you still have the freedom to select your preferred color and finish.

Custom Designer Wardrobe

We also specialize in top-tier designer wardrobe, showcasing the latest trends in modern design options and finishes, particularly tailored for walk-in wardrobes.


Note: Rest assured, there’s no commitment to proceed with us after the free wardrobe design, and you won’t be bound by any contracts at initial stage. No Stress!

Designer wardrobe dark wood colour, wardrobes auckland
designer wardrobe new zealand
designer wardrobe new zealand
Designer Wardrobe . Custom . Modern

Explore a spectrum of colors with options like Melteca, Bestwood, and Prime Panel, ensuring your custom designer wardrobe perfectly aligns with your vision. From floor-to-ceiling storage to soft-closing drawers and a range of specialty accessories, discover the bespoke features that elevate your space.


Crafted to cater to your specific needs, our designer wardrobes are meticulously tailored for walk-in wardrobes, dressing rooms.

Awesome Kitchens Showroom

Visit our showroom at 282 Neilson Street Onehunga, Auckland, for an immersive experience where you can interact with various designs, products, spaces, and technologies firsthand. Explore, discover, and envision the possibilities in person.

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Awesome Kitchens Showroom Plywood Kitchen
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